I am a tailor who specializes in beautiful, sturdy unisex medieval garb. I offer a broad choice people who have found it difficult to find quality garb for attending SCA events and other medieval recreational events. My tailoring provides functional and durable clothing without sacrificing looks. Behold the gallery!

I attend Pennsic, and also sell my goods at larger SCA events in the Midrealm. I am also happy to accept comissioned work.

At Pennsic, I can be found camping with Darksphere Keep. We are located in E22, in a blissful nook on the hill. From the intersection of Abandon Hope and Myfan Way, go up the hill and our campsite is on the left. Stop by! You are guaranteed a warm reception, even if I'm off causing trouble elsewhere.

If you have any questions, would like to place an order, want to know what events I'll be at, or just want to tell me that you like my stuff, feel free to contact me at tyrson@darksphere.com or call 217-352-2319.

~ Gleipnir Tyrson